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We May Not Know The Truth But We Can Look At The Information

Tiny Crystal Shapes Get Close Look From Mars Rover

This picture of Mars is really something that I have never seen before. I don´t know if it generates more doubts than the answers it could provide. This exposure of finely laminated bedrock on Mars includes tiny crystal-shaped bumps, plus mineral veins with both...

It is said that there is no good or bad information – just information.  I would tend to disagree as there clearly IS bad information out there!  There is also false news.  However, we should only reach that judgement once we have looked!  One must begin with an open mind and always look for congruity and collaboration. Does the information “join the dots” with the past, present and projected future?  This is our endeavour at AlienInfo.

What About Aliens Out There? Do They Visit Here?

So many questions!  So do we sit back and wait for “Disclosure” from the government or the military? For those who think “disclosure is just around the corner”, it will ALWAYS be just around the corner!  Guess what, it’s already happened and continues to happen.  Check out my posts and you will find PLENTY of “Official” disclosure.  I think some people are waiting for a mass fleet of UFOs to land in a major city during the middle of the day and then the Aliens get out of said UFOs and talk to the Media saying “We’re here!” Like the movies perhaps?  Perhaps one day they will or maybe not.  If you are waiting for such a huge display of evidence, you’re robbing yourself of indulging in all kinds of wonderful possibilities TODAY!

Consider the fact that “they” whoever they are, don’t want to reveal themselves in that way.  The subject is worthy of our consideration now.

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